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In-Home Tutors Atlanta's Guide to the New SAT

In-Home Tutors Orlando’s Guide to the New SAT

The new SAT finally arrived in 2016. Here’s what you need to know about the new format, along with helpful links to free practice tests.

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Should I take both the ACT and SAT

Should I take both the ACT and SAT? Yes!

Should students take the new SAT or the ACT? Due to the SAT redesign, we suggest that they take both.

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private Atlanta tutor

How to Make the Most of Your Private Orlando Tutor

Read this if you have hired a tutor from In-Home Tutors or anywhere. You’ll find some great advice for making sure your tutoring fees are well spent!

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Helping your student prepare for final exams

Upcoming finals can be stressful for students and their parents. Here are some ideas that can bring calmness and better grades!

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How to Conquer Test Anxiety

Tips and strategies to help your student feel more confident and less anxious when taking and preparing for tests

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The Art of Note-Taking

Trust us, studying for tests and exams is much easier when you take good notes. Here are some of our favorite note-taking tips.

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