Let us Advocate for Your Child

Obtain the Services Your Child has a Right to Receive

Advocating for Your Child in the Public School System

In-Home Tutors Orlando offers advocacy services using trained advocates who can help you navigate a sometimes-reluctant public school system.

Some children need additional services, accommodations, and routine progress reviews to ensure they are getting all the help necessary for them to be successful in school. Not all schools with make the recommendation for services, so this is where the parent plays a crucial role in getting the needed services for their child.

In-Home Tutors Advocacy program offers parents support to help them get the school to evaluate their child (free of charge). If the evaluation is shown to be of merit, the school is required to provide special accommodations and services (i.e., speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy, etc.), FREE of charge to the parents.
Call us to discuss your concerns! Your initial phone consultation is FREE with additional phone consulting at $30 per half hour.  If we are a good fit for you, then we can move forward with:

  • In-person consultation to discuss what is missing from your child’s learning environment, interpret tests, and review of other documents.
  • How to request an IEP meeting by helping you write your letter to the principal requesting an evaluation.
  • Explaining the difference between a 504 and IEP
  • We can attend your meetings and help you navigate through your case.
  • Educate you on your RIGHTS as a parent under Individuals with Disabilities Education Act IDEA
  • If you have an existing IEP, we can help by reviewing the document to improve and receive other services, if the need is there.
  • Additionally, if you have had an IEP review and your child was not approved, we can help guide you to receive an independent educational evaluation

An Individual Education Plan is designed specifically for your child when their learning is affected at school.  Is he struggling in his current learning environment? Have you seen his grades dropping on his progress reports, and report cards? Is your child having behavioral issues during school, with his peers, or while at recess?

Do you feel your child is in need of special services, or has your doctor told you that your child has a disability like Autism, ADHD, ADD, Auditory Processing? If so, it is time to get your child evaluated by your school district to provide your child with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) is the key to help him/her succeed in school! The IEP gives parents special accommodations and services free of cost to the parent. It can take years before a school could recognize an issue with your child, and this is why it is vital to have an Advocate (who is not employed by of any school district), help you navigate through the maze of regulations, and processes.

As a parent you need to know what your rights are and how you can help your child under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA). It is worth finding out how In-Home Tutors Advocacy program can prepare you to set your child up for success in the upcoming school years ahead.

Introductory rate for 2017-18: $75/hr

Call us today at 407-459-1231 for more information.

Taking on the school system can be a lonely and intimidating process. The school may discourage you from having your child evaluated and resist providing special accommodations. Let us give you the ammunition and knowledge you need to make sure your child receives the services they need to succeed in school.  Call us today at 407-459-1231.

  • Your Curriculum

    In-Home Tutors does not impose a curriculum or methodology on you. We base our tutoring on your child’s school curriculum and text books and work with you and your child’s teacher or counselor to identify where your child needs help. Our tutors do not charge for a reasonable amount of communication with teachers.

  • Your Location

    “In-Home” is in our name and all our tutors agree to tutor in the client’s home. If you’d prefer to meet at a library or coffee shop or other public location, that’s fine too. We will also send our tutor to your child’s school or daycare, as long as we receive official permission to meet there. In short, we always seek to do what’s most convenient for the client, not what’s easiest for the tutor.

  • Your Schedule

    We do our best to fit in with your schedule. Whether you need a tutor in the morning, afternoon, late into the evening or on the weekend, we can usually find a good tutor to match your availability. As you’d imagine our best tutors see their schedules fill up fast, so it is always in your interest to be flexible. But you’ll be impressed to see how hard we try to accommodate your requests.